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Digital Paintings

Sparked by an anonymous artist's lifelong love of Pre-Raphaelite Art.

Our founder is a painter and has a Master's degree in History of Art, specializing in Pre-Raphaelites. 


'Pre-Raph[-AI-]lite Digital Paintings' is bringing a Nineteenth-Century aesthetic into the Twenty-First Century using AI technology.


With high art and inclusivity at its core.


Pre-Raphaelite art was very 'of the time' in terms of the English Victorian models that were mostly featured but they had the beginnings of featuring more ethnicities. Using technological advances this stunning artistic style can be accessible to a much wider audience.  

Each art work is completely unique and cannot be replicated again.

Such striking High Art digital paintings are achieved using very specifically described text-to-image prompts as an artistic composition. 



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Pre-Raphaelite Inspired

Human Imagined

Artist Designed

AI Constructed



Create High Art that is visually stunning, accessible, resonates with people and continues an historic artistic tradition into our contemporary digital age. 

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